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self is the female independent model is the most beautiful, is also the most understand feelings fun in a new era of women. ? Until the 70 s - her comeback longer serve.Every new season, as the design concept, in the spirit of chanel chanel chanel, forever. ? Store sharp items in the bag, must take full packaging to put sharp objects. ? The easily cut bag items is best not to put inside your treasure bag. ? In a bag wit ray ban sunglasses sale If I only had one criticism, the lining could be a bit nicer. Other than that its a good looking item and appears well made though I have not yet used. Overall pleased i love this bag its amazing yes the colour slightly darker but it really docent bother me i love it it also comes with a shoulder strap which is a great extra because I'm not to keen on holding a bag on my elbow and it takes a lot of weight i recommend this bag to anyone i love it Good quality for the price and definitely my new fav bag. Use it everyday and it isn't wearing. The lining inside isn't the best quality michael kors accessories ollocation in other ways, such as the color of the clothes and the color of the bag similar, so won't feel bag is very small, and then stick in the body a little bit of the same, if so will seem more fat.So, a lot of time or to consult vogue bag pictures to undertake collocation. Fashion handbags generally take picture color with actual bag color will be a little different, so this would need to implement consulting service, such as whether the color is deep or shallow?Not according to the fashion bag pictures for speculation.If so, will add a lot of, the director of the factors, I .